• Socio-economic empowerment through socio economic interventions
  • Poverty reduction and skill-based trainings for improvement of livelihood of marginalized communities.
  • Drinking water, sanitation and awareness program for improvement of health situation of marginalized communities.
  • Education empowerment to maintain quality education for conflict affected poor and disadvantaged groups.
  • Organizing various programs to improve the socio-economic condition of Women, Dalit and oppressed people.
  • Helping in child development by working in the area of Child education, child’s right, Child labor and various issues related to children.
  • Helping local level organizations for capacity building and conflict transformation by organizing various trainings, counseling, economic support and organizing programs in partnership.
  • Social and economic empowerment activities in order to create environment in order to mainstream the poor, marginalized ethnic groups and women.
  • Organizing different activities for Human Right protection, promotion and sustainable peace building.
  • Various activities for betterment of elderly people.
  • In order to achieve goal, organizing the programs according to the need.