Cook Training has been Conducted

Vocational and Agriculture Draining to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship in Southwestern Ramechhap project has been conducted 390 hours (72 days) Cook Training for the youth at Sunapati-4, Bethan. 20 youth are participating the training which started from  last October 11th  (24 Ashoj 2080)  

Drinking Water Schemes has been Handed over to the Community

Community Development Society/Empowering Women and Children Health and Sanitation Project handed over 4 drinking water schemes to the community during the monitoring visit of PSF Luxembourg and tdh Germany. 184 households have been benefited through the schemes named Murthali Paharibasti DWS Gunsi, Lamatol DWS and Dongma Dalit Tole DWS Hiledivi and Thulochhanga-Chapshwora Lift DWS Dimipokhari.

CDS has Successfully Organized 22nd General Assembly

CDS has organized the 22nd General Assembly on 8th November 2023 . The General Assembly passed the annual progress report and audit report of FY 2079/080 and the plan & budget of FY 2080/081.  The  General Assembly was attended by Mr. Camille Grooos, President of PSF Luxembourg (Chief Guest),  Mr. Mark Secretary of PSF Luxembourg […]