Environment Protection Project

This project has been funded by Swiss Soladarity/Medair Nepal through terre des hommes Germany. The project has targeted mainly the arid areas of Manthali municipality and Ramechhap municipality with objectives of protecting natural resources and biodiversity through agricultural forest promotion and management, green belt development, water resource preservation and waste management. The project also mobilizes children, youths, farmers and stakeholders to work collaboratively for addressing the expected consequences of global warming and organizing actions for advocacy at policy level.

Project Brief


To improve livelihood of community by protecting and managing bio diversity and water resources and to support for climate adaptation

Project Name

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Environment Projtection Project

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Project Duration

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1st January 2019 – 30th December 2021

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Funded By

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terre des homme Germany

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Implementing Organization

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Community Development Society(CDS) Manthali

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Working Area

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Manthali Municipality (Ward 1-6) & Ramechhap Municipality (Ward 7-9)

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Scope of work

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Environment Protection

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Total Budget (NPR)

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21 nos (Male = 11 and Female=10)

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