Empowering Women & Children: Health & Sanitation Project

CDS had accomplished two phases of the similar project in close partnership with PSF Luxembourg and technical support of terre des hommes-Germany. It is third phase which is implementing at Sunapati Rural Municipality including past working areas of Khandadevi Rural Municipality. The main activities of the project are concentrated on building capacity and increasing efficiency of health institutions, increasing access of women and children to health care, building health awareness, improving sanitation, promoting kitchen garden etc.

Project Brief

Objective M

To improve overall health condition of women and children by increasing their access to health care.

Project Name

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Empowering Women & Childre : Health & Sanitation Project

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Project Duration

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01st January 2021 - 31st  December 2023 (Third Phase)


Funded By

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Pharamcis (PSF) Luxembourg

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Partner Organization

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terre des hommes-Germany

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Implementing Partner

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Community Development Society (CDS), Manthali, Ramechhap

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Working Area

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Sunapati & Khadadevi R M (Bethan, Gunsi, Hiledevi and Dimipokhari, Khaniyapani, Rakathu, Majhuwa and Khadadevi)

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Total Budget (NPR)

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9 nos (Male = 4, Female=5

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